The Chevy 327 cubic inch (ci) motor was a small-block V8 engine produced by Chevrolet between 1962 and 1969. Here are some facts about this iconic engine:

  1. The Chevy 327 ci engine was first introduced in 1962 and was designed to replace the previous generation of small-block V8 engines.
  2. The engine had a bore of 4.00 inches and a stroke of 3.25 inches, resulting in a displacement of 327 cubic inches (5.4 liters).
  3. The Chevy 327 ci engine was initially offered in three different versions, with horsepower ratings ranging from 250 to 360 horsepower.
327 CI

4. One of the most famous applications of the Chevy 327 ci engine was in the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray, which was praised for its performance and handling.

5. The Chevy 327 ci engine was also used in a variety of other Chevrolet models, including the Impala, Camaro, and Nova.

6. In 1964, the Chevy 327 ci engine received a major overhaul, with the introduction of a new cylinder head design and hydraulic lifters, which increased the engine’s power output.

7. The Chevy 327 ci engine was also available in a high-performance version, known as the L79, which was rated at 350 horsepower and featured a high-lift camshaft and high-flow cylinder heads.

8. The Chevy 327 ci engine was discontinued in 1969, with the introduction of the new small-block V8 engine, the 350 ci.

Overall, the Chevy 327 ci engine was a highly successful and influential engine that helped establish Chevrolet as a leader in the small-block V8 engine market. Its compact size, lightweight, and impressive power output made it a popular choice among car enthusiasts and racers alike.

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